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Best practices

Your membership is to be taken seriously.  Members are required to attend monthly meetings and can contribute to the membership by:  

  1. Bringing Qualified Referrals

  2. Bringing Guests for which there are vacant member seats to fill 

  3. Conduct BBI’s (Business Building Interviews) with other members

  4. Write a formal testimonial about another member and a great business experience you had with that member. 

  5. Suggest, Create, or Host a presentation or discussion topic at REN’tentions.


  • Attendance is Mandatory!  Each member commits to attending each of the 12 Main meetings each year.  If you cannot attend, please send a substitute in your place to speak on your behalf (This will not count as an absence). Please ensure your substitute is not in a competing business with another member of REN.

  • Attendance is critical to the success of your membership, and for the success of REN as a whole. If a member is unable to attend 3 meetings in the year (without replacement) the seat will automatically open for new applications. 

  • Members are to treat each other with the utmost respect, professionalism, and courtesy. High level business ethics and communication is expected between members. 

  • Commitment to working on REN Matters throughout the week, 3-6 hours per week on finding referrals for the other REN Members and building relationships with them in the form of BBI’s. 


*The organization group of REN reserves the right to terminate membership if best practices are not upheld. 

*For any discussion or questions surrounding membership, attendance, or billing please contact the REN organization group at


  • Referrals must be qualified.  The person you are referring must be in need of the service, and aware of the referral being passed. 

  • Further to the above, referrals must be properly prepared and qualified. 

  • REN’S Success depends on growth.  Doubling the membership actually triples the amount of referrals passed!  

  • Members are encouraged to scout out worthy applicants and invite them to meetings in order to fill vacant seats and grow the club. 

  • REN will pay for the guests breakfast upon their first visit to the club. The second visit, the guest must pay for their meal. After the second visit the guest must make a decision as to whether or not they will apply for membership to the club. 


  • Involves two members from the club getting together for anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour at a predetermined meeting location or at one of the members’ businesses.  This is done during the week and outside of regular meeting hours. 

  • Members will ask questions about one another’s business in order to learn more about each other and how to better refer business to one another. 

  • BBI’s also build camaraderie amongst members. 

  • Information and questions should focus upon one another's goals, accomplishments, interests, networks, and skills.  This is remembered by relating to the acronym “GAINS”.  

  • A member’s biographical sheet will also provide pertinent information for the interview. 


  • A great way to express how another member stepped above and beyond and exceeded your expectations as a customer or in dealing with a referral.  We encourage testimonials to be pre-written and a copy given to the member for use within their business. 

  • Testimonials are terrific advertising for one another and also good for the club morale! 

You will get out of the club what you put in to the club.  If you have questions about how you can improve and in turn receive more referrals, don’t hesitate to contact a member of the organizer team at

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