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First Time Visitors: Free! First visit is on us.
Second Time Visitors: $30, which covers the cost of breakfast. 

Members: $250 annual fee, plus $30 per breakfast.  



Members are required to attend our meetings every month, or to send an alternate in their place.  Regular attendance is the best way to ensure that the club can function efficiently, and experience has shown that the success of any business referral club can be tied directly to its member attendance practices.


To new and prospective members this may seem like an onerous task; those that commit to the club quickly find that regular attendance is the best way to get to know each other and the other club members will very quickly become part of your sales and marketing team!


Who is allowed to attend/join?

To ensure cooperation, not competition, among members, only one representative of a business/professional category may be a regular member of the club. Multi-level marketing businesses are not allowed.


Where there is potential competition between an existing member and a potential new member, acceptance of a new member will be at the discretion of the existing member.  The potential new member may be accepted into membership by emphasizing only those aspects of his or her business which are not in competition with the existing member.


What is expected of each member?

Members are encouraged to actively participate in REN by facilitating:

  • Business Referrals.  This should be a warm referral from someone that is interested in the products or services of another member and who has agreed to be contacted by the member receiving the referral.

  • Visitors.  We encourage members to introduce our club to other trusted business owners, keeping in mind there cannot be a conflict of interest with another existing group member.  

  • BBIs. Holding a Business Building Interview with another member will allow you the opportunity to build lasting relationships within the group and truly understand others service offerings. 

  • Written Testimonials. Written testimonials may be posted on the member’s website, social media sites or review sites. 

  • Members are expected to attend each official meeting. If unable to, the leadership team must be notified, or a substitute may attend in their absence.

Come join us for breakfast.
First one is on us.

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